Zimbabwe Childrens Educational Trust is an entity which was formed in February 2013 by three trustees.Its main purpose is to pay school fees for the under priviledged children and development of rural communities of Zimbabwe ,taking into consideration the resettlement of peasant farmers in Zimbabwe as the peasants were resettled in areas where there are no proper school infrastructure ,roads ,clinics ,hence the need to assist this sector for their future to prosper.The Trust caters for Midlands and Mashonaland West Province.


Our mission is to promote and support volunteers through financial support.


Our vision is to see that every member of the community has afforded the opportunity to go to school and also see an improved quality of education for the children in Zimbabwe especially the underprivileged


The Trust is a legal entity. It was registered under the Ministry of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in the Deeds office.Protocol number 2 /2013 and registered number ma0000198/2013.

Events Carried Out

Zimbabwe Children Educational Trust and Hopley trust had a clean up campaign at Mbudzi /round about area in Harare south

Core Values

3.Child Minded
5.Community Based Projects

Our Objectives

  • To pay school fees, buy uniforms, textbooks for orphans and vulnerable children, especially those in the resettlements and mining areas.
  • To improve the livelihoods, wellbeing and quality of lives of underprivileged children.
  • To develop communities, voluntary sector organizations, companies, other groups and individuals in Zimbabwe that work with underprivileged children.
  • To recruit ,manage and retain volunteers through the provision of education.


Founded The Charity in 2013